Sainte-Croix Cathedral

Just 9 minutes from the Hotel, discover the famous Sainte-Croix Cathedral in Orléans. This sublime Gothic architecture dominates the city centre! It is one of the most famous Gothic cathedrals in the world. Listed as a historical monument in France, it is brimming in history as marked by the wars, and major events throughout the history of France.

Beginning in 1287 and inaugurated on 8th May 1829 the building took some 600 years to be complete. But, today it is a real jewel in the architectural crown. Orléans Cathedral bears the mark of various Royal successions, as well as the elegance of classicism which make it hugely original.

History of the Cathedral

Sainte-Croix Cathedral has a long history: Joan of Arc would prey there, Henri IV launched its reconstruction in 1601, Louis XIV funded the transepts… Amongst its many treasures, you can discover the stained-glass windows, which recount the history of Joan of Arc, and also its magnificently sculpted carpentry.

It is also extremely impressive due to its scale and beauty. It dominates the city standing some 140 metres high. When you arrive at the foot of the cathedral, you will be amazed by the scale and splendour of the building. This monumental masterpiece has two towers standing some 88 metres tall and three sublime rose windows. The bell tower is home to five bells each weighing 600 kg!