The Loire à Vélo Cycle Path departing from Orléans

Head off on an epic adventure and cycle through the cradle of the Renaissance. Criss-cross an area which is listed as a UNESCO world heritage site, and discover the history and richness of the Castles of the Loire.

Allow yourself to be amazed by the show on offer by nature and cross towns and cities as far as the Atlantic Ocean. Enjoy this peaceful route along the banks of the Loire thanks to a range of bike-friendly services which are labelled “Accueil Vélo”.

The Loire à Vélo, a unique and stunning route

Discover one of the most beautiful cycle routes in France, covering 900 km. The largest section of the Loire à Vélo crosses an area which is listed as a UNESCO world heritage site.

Riding is easy, especially for families, or for first time riders, and follows the river. The Loire à Vélo offers a range of services to best organise your trip: there is accommodation on offer less than 5 km from the route, as well as everything you could possibly need for a bike ride.

Various types of routes along the Loire à Vélo

  • Car-free routes:
    • Green Trail: exclusively reserved for non-motorised vehicles, this trail often runs along former railway tracks, canal routes, and forest trails
    • Cycle Track: this is a track which is separated from motor vehicles, and is solely reserved for use by cyclists.
  • Routes shred with motor vehicles:
    • Cycle lane: these are reserved for use by cyclists and notably in urban areas. They are separated from motor vehicles by road markings.
    • Transit-free route: this type of route is accessible to pedestrians and cyclists. It has no motor vehicles.
    • Low-traffic route: this is frequented by other vehicles and records traffic levels of fewer than 500 vehicles per day.