Orléans Fine Arts Museum

Located just 8 minutes from the Hotel, Orléans Fine Arts Museum is amongst the oldest and richest in France.

Its permanent collection covers artistic creation from the 15th to 20th Centuries. The public can see an extraordinary collection of Flemish, Italian and Dutch paintings. You can also admire a significant pool of French works from the 17th and 18th centuries.

Collections at the Fine Arts Museum

The museum has an exceptional pool of paintings from foreign schools including Italian (Corrège, Carrache, Tintoret…), Flemish and Dutch (Brueghel, van Dyck, Ruysdael…), German as well as a masterpiece of Spanish art, the Saint-Thomas de Velazquez.

Artistic trends and movements from the 19th century such as romanticism and realism are present through works by Delacroix, Courbet, Gauguin, David d’Angers.

Orléans Fine Arts Museum regularly organises temporary exhibits. It also has many conferences, artistic creation workshops for children on Wednesdays and sculpture placements during school holidays.